The 5 most common challenges of digital transformation

Svetoslava Angelova

Head of Delivery

The 5 most common challenges of digital transformation

The way people behave, as well as the business models of most firms, has been radically altered by digital and especially mobile technology. New technologies, consumer data availability, and the integration of machines and human processes have an impact on business goals and operations, revolutionising management.

What is digital transformation and what makes it so important nowadays?

Digital transformation is a process that uses a combination of information, computing, communication, and connection technologies to improve a company's management. It is all-encompassing and growth-oriented, but most importantly, it is given. The crucial questions now are how to establish and implement a digital transformation plan, not whether or when it will happen.

Businesses, no matter how small or large, should turn themselves into digital firms as technology advances. It's no longer about corporations "deciding" to transform; rather, it's about "how" to move forward with the transition.

In this article, we're going to go through five of the biggest advantages of digital transformation.

1. Improved efficiency

Let me ask you a question: What is it that slows down your business? What inefficient hurdles do you have in your present processes?

It's manual data entry for some. Because their systems don't talk to each other, they must manually feed data into various locations.

For others, it's a bottleneck in the process. A bottleneck occurs when a single process passes through a single department. I could go on and on because there are so many factors that might cause a company to slow down. The good news is that many of these barriers are eliminated via digital transformation. You may reduce friction in your organisation by replacing outdated processes with automated workflows and thoroughly examining your current operations.

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2. Cost savings

Many businesses waste a significant amount of money and time simply maintaining outdated systems and goods. Going through a digital transformation can save you not only money upfront but also time and effort once you're online, thanks to the integration of more efficient processes and faster issue resolution.

illustration of two girls weighting finances on a scale

3. Revenue growth

Lowering costs makes it easier to raise revenue. Maximising opportunities by detecting flaws in current business operations is critical to taking a company ahead. By improving transparency in various parts of the business, employees and management can improve their best practices and generate money through pattern recognition, trend evaluation, and capitalisation of data-driven opportunities.

illustration of three people growing funds

4. Improved customer satisfaction

As a result of the rise of mobile and technological breakthroughs, customer expectations have evolved. The modern customer is looking for simplicity.

What if you can't deliver the simplicity they're looking for? What happens if you give an out-of-date service? They'll almost certainly move on.

Improved customer experience is one of the key goals of digital transformation. The best thing is that if done right, you'll notice gains in two areas: customer experience and customer insights.

illustration of three people reviewing customer satisfaction replies

5. Encourages digital culture

By providing team members with the essential tools that are tailored to their environment, digital transformation helps to foster a digital culture.

illustration of three genz people with digital culture

Whereas these solutions make teamwork easier, they also contribute to the enterprise's digital transition. This digital culture will become even more important in the future. Teams ought to be skilful and digitally informed to take full advantage of digital transformation.


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