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    The company's adeptness at applying Agile methodologies within the constraints of a fixed price and scope project was remarkable. This not only demonstrated their flexibility and commitment to delivering value but also their skill in balancing structure with adaptability.
    Their communication was exemplary, characterised by transparency and promptness. The team’s responsiveness to our feedback and their proactive updates ensured a seamless and efficient collaboration, making it clear that our project was a top priority.
    The quality of work, coupled with the team's initiative to go beyond the agreed scope—through performance optimisations, load tests, and backend refactoring—was particularly impressive. These efforts not only enhanced the project's outcome but also demonstrated their commitment to excellence and added value.

    "With this reference, we from Fraport Bulgaria express our gratitude to the team of Bulcode 2016 Ltd. for their contributions, which encompassed not only the successful migration of our web portals for the Varna and Burgas airports but also the seamless integration of new functionalities. We cannot emphasize enough the team's commitment and dedication, as well as their business analytical capabilities. The individual approach, timely deliveries, ongoing support, and thorough documentation of the developments are just a few of the reasons to continue the active partnership with Bulcode 2016 Ltd.

    It is a privilege and obligation for us at Fraport Bulgaria to endorse the team of Bulcode 2016 Ltd. as extremely competent, reliable, and responsible in the execution of their commitments."

    "We are extemely happy with the services provided by Bulcode. They always respond in a timely manner and manage to fulfil on schedule with high-quality tasks that we have set or to fix issues that have arisen."

    The work done by Bucode to create the Viv Isomatic website was outstanding. Problems that arose were dealt with quickly and professionally and the team is very cooperative. Their suggestions to improve efficiency and streamline the work were very helpful.
    The follow-up support of the e-shop was also at a very good level.

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    Svetoslava Angelova

    Svetoslava Angelova

    Head of Delivery

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