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Fiji Clearing House for Risk Transfer (UNFCCC)
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Fiji Clearing House for Risk Transfer (UNFCCC)

The Conference of Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), at their 21st meeting (COP 21), which took place in December 2015 in Paris, France, requested the Executive Committee of the Warsaw International Mechanism to establish a clearing house for risk transfer that serves as a repository for information on insurance and risk transfer, in order to facilitate the efforts of Parties to develop and implement comprehensive risk management strategies.
RISK TALK is a highlight feature of the Clearing House. RISK TALK is an online community and open to anyone who needs to know more about risk transfer. In the community, people can find answers to the questions they send in and get to know others who can help.
The Clearing House is also a repository of information on insurance and risk transfer, including case studies, knowledge products and tutorials that help show how risk, such as from climate impacts, threatens sustainable development and offers solutions to reduce that risk.
Everyone can submit relevant information so that everyone else can tap in to the growing wealth of available knowledge.