Fixed Scope Projects

From planning and architecture design to development and smooth initiation - you can now safely outsource the entire development process needed to launch a new web-based product or service!

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What Are Outsourced Fixed Scope Projects All About?

Fixed scope projects work as simply and brilliantly as they sound: you get to hire a developer, a couple of developers, or an entire professional team of software engineers to run a particular project end-to-end. This is a flexible and intelligent business approach designed to spare you the time, the resources, and the inconveniences of supporting an entire in-house team for an initiative that only lasts a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

Getting external help for a fixed scope development project is proven to be a reliable and efficient business move to consider - both when it comes to resource planning and when it comes to the quality of the final result. All you need is the right partner, and you just found it!

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When To Consider Outsourcing a Fixed Scope Project?

Developing a brand-new web app, a cutting-edge e-commerce solution, a local communication network, or any other digital asset is nowadays invariably a part of the internal cycle of any company. When looking to introduce a new digital tool for your employees, partners, or customers, you will need a dependable partner to get things done swiftly and adeptly.

Startups, small and medium-sized companies, corporations, and media - we ensure everyone with the growth they currently demand, and we do it for a living.

Our high-end “Fixed Scope Projects” service is just what you’ve been looking for if:

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    You need a bespoke digital solution to improve the performance of your brand.
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    You want to launch a new digital product or service without investing in on-site team expansion.
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    You want to focus on your field of expertise and still enjoy the benefits of a cutting-edge development project.
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    You need external management and solution architecture from proven experts.
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    You lack the internal capacity to handle your clients' specialized development projects.
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    Or you simply have an awesome idea that you don't have the technologies to bring to life.

What Do You Get With Our “Fixed Scope Projects” Service?

We deliver an out-and-out service that allows you to hire a remote developer who will be fully dedicated to your company and its most pressing needs. With Bulcode, you have a full guarantee for:

High-End Toolset

We operate with timeproof and scalable technologies that deliver impeccable results. This includes both digital co-working platforms and a specialized development tech stack.

Full Integration

Our developers will stick to your in-house processes, your hierarchy, and your company’s culture. After a swift onboarding, they will be ready to do things your way and your way only.

Bespoke Service

You will get precisely what you need in matters of team count, team expertise, and project management arrangements. You name it - we got it!

Smooth Cooperation

We only work with developers who are fluent in English. Timezone-related difficulties will also be out of the way since we had a flawlessly operating and pre-established internal structure.

Quality Results

The only thing better than the process will be the final result. Our professionals will help you build a digital solution that’s operative, lasting, intelligent, and reliable.

Long-Term Commitment

We can help you maintain and upgrade what’s been done so far. Our teams can provide the proper monitoring, optimization, and security needed after the development is done.

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What Are The Expected Business Results?

Digitalization is not an end in itself; it's a tool. So, what will we help you achieve during - as well as after - a fixed-scope project of yours?

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Space and budget-friendly business growth.
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A total return of the financial investment.
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Long-term digital business consistency.
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Improved internal processes and public image.
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Risk-free service enrichment.
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Multiplied number of customers and partners.

They Already Trusted Us!

We’ve managed tens of fixed-scope projects for partners all over the globe! Here is their real-life experience:


Frequently Asked Questions

Full transparency begins with answering your most pressing practical questions. So, here is everything you need to know:
Bulcode currently operates in two countries – Bulgaria and Luxembourg, but our developers work from our office in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thus, you get the benefit of using remote developers that work head-to-head with their colleagues and can use their cumulative expertise at any given time.
At Bulcode, English is the official working language. We require our developers to speak and write fluently in English and continuously upgrade their language skills with professional English courses.
Of course, there is a time difference, but in Bulcode, we mitigate its impacts by using digital software and being available for at least 2 hours of overlap for daily syncs and other team activities. We work successfully with clients from Chicago, Nashville, and Sydney, proving that our methodologies operate beyond satisfactory.
Our developers usually support companies on a full-time and fully dedicated basis. Anyway, we believe that every fruitful long-term partnership needs a place to start - so don't hesitate to reach out to us for part-time or project-based assistance in case that's what you currently need.
Well, it depends. It will take the same amount of time as it normally takes for your in-house developers to onboard. Usually, this process takes anything from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the provided insight and documentation.
Our developers are 100% available during the working hours of the day. They will use your communication tools, will join your meetings, and will report to you directly.
There is no limitation on the number of developers we can provide per project. We can augment your team with individual developers or a group of developers, depending on your needs and project scope. We can also start with fewer developers and increase their number in time.
There is no limitation on the time we can spend working together. We will be there for you as long as you need us. Usually, our partners won’t let us go and ultimately start feeling like our developers are a part of their own company.
Integrity and commitment are among our core values. Our developers are self-aware and used to organizing their work, so you can let them work even on their own. You will get the same quality and even better time efficiency.
First, we will get your requirements, and we will match the developers that have the tech stack needed for your project. Then, you will have the freedom to meet them, do interviews, and choose whoever you decide to.
It’s not a regular practice to do so, but we always do our best to provide the developer or the team to meet you on-site when we get a request in advance.
Our developers use a wide variety of technologies. We do our best to keep them up to date with the latest and most successful technology trends. You can find a list of technologies we commonly use here.
Life is unpredictable; sometimes, people get sick or use maternity leave. We will cover your back if we find out that the person will be out of pocket for a long time by finding you a replacement with a similar expertise and job description.
From juniors to seniors, all of our developers go through our training program and our in-house projects. You can check our onboarding training program to see for yourself that it is no joke. What’s more, we have daily checks, monthly reviews, and other in-house activities, ensuring that our developers are doing it right. Also, we always listen to your feedback.
If any issues arise throughout the process, we will address them immediately and openmindedly. Our ultimate aim is to design a solution together with our clients. In case the chosen developer happens to be not the right fit for your company, we will swiftly reconsider staff alternatives and provide you with a more suitable expert.
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