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July 17th, 2020

Hire dedicated software developers (teams)

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Mihail Shahov

If you are located in the US or Western Europe and are tired of raising expenses with your in-house development team, why don't you consider getting a development team at 40% to 60% of the cost?

Every company in countries with high labor costs should consider outsourcing its development team at some point. And if you are not doing it right now, you should know that your competitors are already doing it and picking up the fruits.

So what are the main problems besides the high costs for hiring your IT professionals?

Firstly, the number of IT companies is growing too fast and the number of employees is not following the trend which leaves you with no options to get more experts at a reasonable price.
Secondly, most of the time companies are in a situation where they get a new project for which they need extra help, but don't want to risk everything by hiring new staff members and after the project is closed to struggle to maintain the company with the raised costs.
Thirdly, there is always the risk of not finding the perfect member when hiring. Every company has been in a situation where a new employee has been a disappointment, because of lack of knowledge, or was learning really slow or didn't follow the processes.

Why would you need to worry about all of this? You can hire an already formed team or an experienced developer at any point of your project lifecycle. Having a full 100% control over them the way you want and as long as you want to like it's your own in-house employees.

We, at Bulcode, help companies from start-ups to large scale enterprises to lower their costs and not only. We can staff your team faster than you do it at your local market. We take care of your efforts for searching for valid team members, establishing processes and infrastructure setup. And what is more, your own team can benefit a lot from the expertise provided by the members you hired as all of them are highly experienced, certified experts who have worked on projects for Fortune500 companies. There is no language and processes restrictions - we speak only in English at our offices, we work with JIRA, we use Skype, Slack and other communication channels and we participate on your daily stand-ups, on retrospections, sprint plannings and etc.

Additionally, there is no need for you to worry about HR responsibilities, taxes, insurance, and employee benefits.

Make the right decision right now! Hire Dedicated Team in Bulcode to start your project today.

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