Rosen Hristov

Drupal/PHP Developer, Consultant

Drupal PHP Symfony Python ES6 jQuery Ajax JavaScript ReactJS CSS LESS SASS HTML5 XML Bootstrap Zurb Foundation Twig Gulp Webpack Git SVN PHPUnit MySQL Apache Solr Elastic search LDAP SSO Acquia cloud Acquia Site Factory AWS
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Put hard work and passion and the rest will attend to itself.

Rosen is a technically savvy web developer, who has multiple years of web development expertise behind him.

He is an ambitious problem solver and has much experience of creating logical and innovative solutions to complex problems. He is thorough and precise in everything he does. As someone who takes responsibility for his own personal development, he is continually evaluating and upgrading his skills so that he stays at the cutting edge of web development. He has experience of working in leading global internet technology companies and of completing challenging client projects.

  • Drupal 7 Certified Developer since 2016
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