Business analysis

Crafted to meet the unique challenges of running a business, Bulcode offers exceptional business analysis services. We comprehend the intricacies of harmonising diverse processes to drive success in your enterprise. Our seasoned specialists possess the expertise to delve deep into your business operations, examining internal workflows and customer engagements. Through meticulous analysis, we identify opportunities for optimisation and growth. Our paramount objective is to enhance operational efficiency, curtail expenses, and unearth novel revenue streams. Bulcode appreciates the distinctiveness of each business and invests time in comprehending your precise requirements. Our unwavering commitment lies in assisting you to attain prosperity and expand your business horizons.

Business analysis
Never skip the BA!

Skipping a Business Analyst in a project can pose several risks and challenges. Here are some potential risks associated with skipping the involvement of a BA:

  • Inadequate understanding of business needs: Without Business Analysis, there is a higher likelihood of not fully understanding the true requirements and objectives of the business. This can result in misalignment between the implemented solution and the actual needs of the organisation.
  • Poor decision-making: Business Analysis helps in gathering and analysing relevant data, identifying trends, and providing insights to make informed decisions. Without this analysis, decision-making may be based on incomplete or inaccurate information, leading to poor outcomes.
  • Wasted resources: Without a thorough understanding of the business requirements, there is a risk of investing resources (time, money, and effort) into developing solutions that do not effectively address the business needs. This can result in wasted resources and inefficiencies.
  • Increased project failure rate: Business aAnalysis helps in identifying potential risks, challenges, and constraints early on in the project lifecycle. Skipping this crucial step can lead to project failures due to unforeseen issues, unrealistic expectations, or misalignment with business goals.
  • Limited stakeholder involvement and satisfaction: Business Analysis involves engaging stakeholders to gather their input, understand their needs, and ensure their satisfaction with the proposed solutions. Skipping this process can result in limited stakeholder involvement, reduced buy-in, and decreased satisfaction with the final outcomes.
  • Missed opportunities for innovation and growth: Business Analysis helps in identifying market trends, customer needs, and opportunities for innovation. By neglecting this analysis, a company may miss out on potential growth opportunities and fail to stay competitive in the market.
Techniques we use
CATWOE analysis

CATWOE analysis is a systems thinking tool used to understand and define the key stakeholders and perspectives involved in a problem or situation. The acronym represents Customers, Actors, Transformation Process, Worldview, Owner, and Environmental Constraints. By considering these elements, CATWOE analysis helps in comprehensively identifying the different viewpoints, goals, and constraints associated with a particular issue, aiding in developing holistic solutions and decision-making.

MoSCoW: Requirements prioritisation technique

We categorise requirements into four groups: Must-haves, Should-haves, Could-haves, and Won't-haves. This helps stakeholders and teams to clearly define essential features (Must-haves), important but not critical features (Should-haves), features that are nice to have (Could-haves), and features that are not feasible or considered for the current scope (Won't-haves), aiding in effective resource allocation and decision-making during project development.

MOST analysis

We break down the planning process into four key components: defining the organisation's mission and purpose (Mission), setting specific and measurable goals (Objectives), outlining high-level approaches to achieve those goals (Strategies), and detailing the specific actions and steps to implement the strategies (Tactics).

PESTLE analysis

PESTLE analysis is a strategic tool used to analyse and evaluate the external macro-environmental factors that can impact an organisation or a project. The acronym stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental factors. By examining these six categories, organisations can gain insights into the external forces that might influence their operations, decision-making, and overall success.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool that helps organisations assess their internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as external opportunities and threats. The acronym stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By analysing these four aspects, businesses can develop a clearer understanding of their current position and make informed decisions about strategies, goal-setting, and risk management.

The 5 Whys technique

The 5 Whys technique is a problem-solving method that involves repeatedly asking "why" to uncover the underlying causes of an issue. By iteratively probing deeper into the reasons behind a problem, typically reaching five levels of questioning, it helps to reveal the root cause rather than just addressing symptoms. This approach aids in finding more comprehensive solutions and preventing similar problems in the future.

Decoding data, empowering decisions!
  • The Business Analyst plays a vital role in maintaining alignment and clarity throughout the change process, specifically by developing explicit business requirements that fall within the project's scope. Through thorough analysis, they become attuned to new organisational demands, enabling them to assist companies in gaining a deeper understanding of the necessary adjustments to uphold performance levels.
  • A key responsibility of the Business Analyst is implementing strategies to prioritise requirements at different stages of the requirements life cycle. This ensures that efforts from stakeholders are concentrated on what truly matters, optimising the allocation of resources and driving meaningful outcomes.
  • Acting as a bridge between stakeholders and the project team, the Business Analyst excels in effective communication, eliciting requirements, and managing expectations. Their expertise lies in analysing business processes and identifying opportunities for improvement, positioning them as valuable catalysts for successful project outcomes. In an ever-changing market landscape, the business analyst is an invaluable asset, facilitating seamless adaptation and helping organisations thrive.
Why our clients chose business analysis services?
Why our clients chose business analysis services?
Organisations that employ professional business analysis practices have a higher project success rate compared to those that don't. Projects with effective business analysis are twice as likely to be successful.
Effective business analysis helps in properly identifying and managing requirements, reducing rework, and minimising scope creep. This, in turn, leads to cost savings and shorter project timelines.
Projects with active stakeholder involvement and clear communication, facilitated by business analysis, are more likely to achieve high levels of stakeholder satisfaction.
Companies that excel in business analysis practices experience a 75% higher ROI on their projects compared to those with poor business analysis capabilities.
Organisations that integrate business analysis into their project management practices have a higher chance of effectively managing risks, reducing project failures, and avoiding costly errors.
Technologies We Use
Google workspace
Technologies We Use
Our process
    Project initiationProject initiationProject initiation
    Project initiation
    Elicitation and requirements gatheringElicitation and requirements gatheringElicitation and requirements gathering
    Elicitation and requirements gathering
    Requirement analysis and documentationRequirement analysis and documentationRequirement analysis and documentation
    Requirement analysis and documentation
    Requirements validation and verificationRequirements validation and verificationRequirements validation and verification
    Requirements validation and verification
    Solution evaluation and selectionSolution evaluation and selectionSolution evaluation and selection
    Solution evaluation and selection
    Requirements management and communicationRequirements management and communicationRequirements management and communication
    Requirements management and communication

    It's important to note that the business analysis lifecycle is iterative and may involve revisiting previous phases as new information emerges or project circumstances change. Effective collaboration and communication among stakeholders, project managers, and the business analyst are crucial for successfully navigating the business analysis lifecycle and delivering a project that meets the desired objectives.

    Our projects

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      Erad - non-dilutive funding and payments in the middle east


      Experience the power of non-dilutive funding and accelerated growth in the dynamic landscape of the Middle East with Erad. Their game-changing platform empowers startups by seamlessly connecting their sales, marketing, and banking data with the available 50+ payment and data provider integrations. Within a mere 48 hours, unlock a world of possibilities as you receive a tailored offer that fuels your expansion. And the repayments are flexible based on your sales, so you can focus on growing your startup without worrying about fixed payment plans. But that's not all - their platform also provides a dashboard that includes in-depth analysis and key insights about your business. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions and optimise your growth strategies. With Erad as your trusted partner, embrace a future where funding and payments become effortless, propelling your startup towards unparalleled growth.
      Zaharó – cake and confectionery e-shopZaharó – cake and confectionery e-shop

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      Indulge in the sweet world of Zaharo, a heavenly Bulgarian-based confectionery company. As their physical stores continued to attract a growing number of orders, Zaharo realised the need to expand their reach and bring in more customers to their online store. But their old website just wasn't cutting it anymore. That's why Zaharo took the bold step of creating a brand-new, state-of-the-art e-commerce solution that's sure to satisfy even the most demanding of sweet tooths.
      Power up with ViV Isomatic – your one-stop e-shop for electrical equipmentPower up with ViV Isomatic – your one-stop e-shop for electrical equipment

      Power up with ViV Isomatic – your one-stop e-shop for electrical equipment


      With an impressive e-commerce platform featuring over 15,000 products, seamlessly synchronised with an external ERP system, ViV Isomatic is a game-changer in their industry. Their most impressive feat? Personalised price lists! As a valued customer, you'll enjoy exclusive discounts on products tailored to your unique criteria. This innovative approach sets ViV Isomatic apart from the competition, and ensures that their loyal customers get the best deals possible.
        Philip Artinyan

        Bulcode is an amazing partner. We use them when we need to staff up our development team. They are honest, hard-working, and communication is great. They have 5 stars, remote developers!

        Philip ArtinyanManaging Director, Code Nest
        Radostin Samarov

        "We are extemely happy with the services provided by Bulcode. They always respond in a timely manner and manage to fulfil on schedule with high-quality tasks that we have set or to fix issues that have arisen."

        Radostin Samarov General Manager, Zaharó Bulgaria

        Bulcode has developed a high-quality MVP for our web app. They deliver on time and work fast. The team has been flexible in swapping things out when something doesn’t work out. Moreover, they have good DevOps infrastructure and AWS setup skills and have provided advisory in that area. They are a team of doers. They don’t just try to sell us beautiful things; they’re technical experts who know their stuff and deliver on it. The team has really familiarised themselves with our product, and they do what it takes to make it successful.

        erad Founders
        Fraport Bulgaria

        "With this reference, we from Fraport Bulgaria express our gratitude to the team of Bulcode 2016 Ltd. for their contributions, which encompassed not only the successful migration of our web portals for the Varna and Burgas airports but also the seamless integration of new functionalities. We cannot emphasize enough the team's commitment and dedication, as well as their business analytical capabilities. The individual approach, timely deliveries, ongoing support, and thorough documentation of the developments are just a few of the reasons to continue the active partnership with Bulcode 2016 Ltd.

        It is a privilege and obligation for us at Fraport Bulgaria to endorse the team of Bulcode 2016 Ltd. as extremely competent, reliable, and responsible in the execution of their commitments."

        Fraport BulgariaManagement
        Mikalai Nebyshynets

        The company's adeptness at applying Agile methodologies within the constraints of a fixed price and scope project was remarkable. This not only demonstrated their flexibility and commitment to delivering value but also their skill in balancing structure with adaptability.
        Their communication was exemplary, characterised by transparency and promptness. The team’s responsiveness to our feedback and their proactive updates ensured a seamless and efficient collaboration, making it clear that our project was a top priority.
        The quality of work, coupled with the team's initiative to go beyond the agreed scope—through performance optimisations, load tests, and backend refactoring—was particularly impressive. These efforts not only enhanced the project's outcome but also demonstrated their commitment to excellence and added value.

        Mikalai NebyshynetsOwner
        ViV Isomatic

        The work done by Bucode to create the Viv Isomatic website was outstanding. Problems that arose were dealt with quickly and professionally and the team is very cooperative. Their suggestions to improve efficiency and streamline the work were very helpful.
        The follow-up support of the e-shop was also at a very good level.

        ViV Isomatic CEO
        Magdalena Bozukova-Kapoor

        Bulcode’s team is supportive and provides a lot of options to show me what is possible for my site.

        Magdalena Bozukova-KapoorCEO, Remington Bulgaria
        Jonathan Glicksberg

        Bulcode has proven to be a reliable partner. With them, we are able to quickly scale our development team when needed without any buzz.

        Jonathan GlicksbergCEO, ICON Worldwide
        Rumen Yordanov

        We are constantly looking for different ways to expand our in-house staff in order to meet the high demand. Bulcode happened to be the perfect partner for scaling our development potential with minimum effort.

        Rumen YordanovCTO Europe, FFW

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