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Communication management

The efficiency and success of organisational projects heavily rely on the implementation of a robust communication management system as their primary support structure. Insufficient or inadequate communication management can give rise to workflow misunderstandings, hindered ROI, and even financial losses. It is imperative for organisations to prioritise and invest in effective communication practices to ensure smooth project execution and maximise overall outcomes.

What is "Project communication management"?

Project communication management is a collection of processes that help ensure the appropriate people send, receive, and comprehend the appropriate messages at the appropriate times.

What is "Project communication management"?
Bulcode’s primary communication management processes

Plan communications management

  • Decide what the objectives of the communication are
  • Determine the audience
  • Choose our message 
  • Choose the appropriate channels of communication
  • Set a timeline to deliver the message

Manage communications

  • Collection of data and analysis
  • Creation of messages for communication
  • Storage of communication reports
  • Ensure proper transmission or distribution of communication

Monitor communications

  • Confirm that the communication went as planned, message was understood, determined audience was reached and that we have received proper feedback.
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