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As a founder of a startup, serial entrepreneur, or product manager of a software company, it's crucial to proactively address potential challenges such as budget overruns, missed deadlines, or project failures. That's why considering the implementation of a discovery phase is paramount. This strategic approach allows you to mitigate risks and set a solid foundation for your software projects. By investing time and resources upfront to thoroughly understand your project requirements, identify potential pitfalls, and align stakeholders' expectations, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of costly setbacks and maximise the chances of project success. Don't leave the fate of your software projects to chance—take charge with a well-planned discovery phase that sets you on the path to achieving your goals effectively and efficiently.

What is a "Discovery phase" ?

Before diving into project development, it is crucial to embark on the Discovery phase, also known as initial research. This vital step revolves around understanding your target customers, their challenges, and their specific requirements. During this exploratory stage, you put your idea to the test to validate its potential in addressing problems and meeting customer expectations.

The main objective of the Discovery phase is to gather evidence and insights that support your assumptions and beliefs about the app. Armed with the collected data and feedback, you can fine-tune your concept to create a product that not only fulfils user requirements but also exceeds their expectations.

In essence, the Discovery phase is a data-driven approach to shaping your application, ensuring it is built on a solid foundation of customer insights and needs. By investing in this crucial stage, you set yourself up for success, minimising risks and maximising the chances of delivering a highly relevant and impactful product.

What is a "Discovery phase" ?
Why do you need the Discovery phase?
Why do you need the Discovery phase?
To develop a product driven by market demand
To develop an excellent user experience
To design and construct prototypes
To establish a clearly defined path for the product
Product team
  • Conducting analysis on the business, potential users and current scope of the project
  • Identifying potential problems and coming up with solutions
  • Defining what the MVP (Minimum viable product) is
  • Proposing a Solution Architecture
  • Designing UX prototype 
  • Estimating the MVP release scope
  • Making a risk management plan
What are the risks associated with skipping the discovery phase?
Failing to deliver a successful product which is market fit
Budget overruns
Never ending scope
Missed deadlines
What are the deliverables after a discovery phase?
An overview of the product

You will be provided with an analysis of the potential risks and how they will be handled, and what key functionalities are required for the MVP based on the business objectives.


A document that provides a comprehensive description of the project, including its feature list, preferred technology stack, and architectural framework.

UX prototype

A condensed version of the future user interface and the essential elements that will comprise it.

Roadmap for development and cost estimation

You will be provided with a suggested lineup for the team, in addition to an estimate of the development budget and the deadline. It is quite unlikely that there will be any modifications to the final numbers calculated during the discovery phase (unless the project scope significantly changes during the process of development).

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By offering a discovery phase as a service, we can help you achieve a successful software development project that is delivered on time, within budget, and meets your business goals.