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MVP for startups

When you have a concept for a new business, the first thing you need is a Minimum Viable Product, also known as an MVP. It helps you determine whether or not your product will truly be successful on the market.

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Minimum Viable Product is a fundamental concept in product development that emphasises the creation of a simplified version of a product or service with the core features necessary to satisfy early adopters. It serves as a strategic approach to test and validate ideas quickly, gather user feedback, and iterate based on insights gained.

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MVP Development Stages
Determine the product's primary function

For a product to be in demand, it has to solve a problem that consumers have. When developing software for new businesses, the first step in developing a minimum viable product (MVP) is to figure out why a potential customer needs your product and why they should use and purchase it.

Create a map of the customer's journey

As a rule of thumb, the client journey should be as basic and straightforward as possible. A complete list of all the client's activities helps figure out what information is missing or could be added to the way the product is presented.

Make a list of the project's most important features

We focus on the key features that will help solve the product's primary issue. It is recommended that the number of these functions not exceed three. They will serve as the foundation for the creation of our MVP. All other aspects are ranked according to their value by us. We will add these features after the product has been released and test results and feedback have been analysed.

Create design and architecture

Customers and our team work together to identify the technology stack that will be employed, as well as how much time and money will be spent on the project. We select MVP software design solutions based on the provided specifications.

Create an MVP

Following the client's approval of both the requirements and the design, we go on to the next stage of the life cycle, which is the development of the MVP software itself. In this stage of the process, programmers start writing code for the program in accordance with the requirements that were established earlier.

Conduct both alpha and beta testing on the MVP

During the alpha testing phase, we introduce the product's initial version to a comparatively small number of end users. If no problems are found, we move on to beta testing, and after that, the product is made available to real customers. After a week or two, we will have collected and analysed the feedback. Based on that, we will have refined the MVP and put it through another round of testing.

Testing business ideas
Verifying market demand
Usability testing
Quicker release
Flexibility and constant updates
Development with minimal risk
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