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Staff Augmentation

A chosen number of fully-trained developers will join your in-house crew and provide exclusive assistance for as long as you need it. They will strictly follow your corporate culture, they will use your preferred tech stack, and they will comply with the predefined workflow structures of your company.

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Dedicated Teams

We can assemble an entire team of top-notch developers to support your company through workload peak periods or special occasions. We will gather specialists with matching backgrounds and ensure a smooth cooperation process - both self-managed or administered by your in-house decision-makers.

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Fixed Scope Projects

Our extended team of digital solution architects can advise, outline, and bring to action both entire outsourced development projects and fixed portions of them. From software framework creation to stationing and performance optimization - you name it, and we get it done in exactly the time frame specified on your part.

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Support & Maintenance

We will help you ensure the flawless performance of your digital product over time - be it developed by us or a pre-existent one. Our Support and Maintenance services include updating, upgrading, and further improving the functionalities of your websites, applications, e-commerce solutions, and digital enterprise tools.

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