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V&V Isomatic is one of the leading companies in the sector, focused on offering for sale materials for electrical and automation design, and installation systems.

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ViV Isomatic - Electronical distribution & control

The company decided that it is time to invest more money in their digital presence and to swap their old presentational website with a new, up to date e-commerce platform.

The project was extremely challenging based on some of the specificities of the business. Some of the most problematic parts were:

  • Big data - the website provides more than 200000 products with custom images import. Since we have a pretty advanced search we used Apache Solr to index all the data needed. The real problem here is that due to price calculation each product has a different price for each customer, that is why we have an on the fly presentation of the price for each product.
  • Price calculations - there are several pricing rules that are coming from the ERP system. Each customer must see the lowest price based on current promotions by period, or by manufacturer, discount by product categories or individual pricing lists.
  • ERP - each action taken from the site should be synced with the ERP. All products, users, orders, reports, quantities, pricing rules and etc.
  • Cable product - there is a special product type - cables. Each cable can have standard and non-standard lengths. For non-standard lengths, there is an additional pricing rule for cutting the cable. Also, the cable price change depending on the copper price for the specific period.

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